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Call of Duty: Ghosts will be available on all major gaming platforms – PC, PS3, X360 and the upcoming new generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Our CoD Ghosts Cheats will also work on all platforms. The release of new generation consoles has caused developers to really improve graphics of the game. The old engine (which was first used in Quake III) will be finally replaced with a new one, dedicated to the Call of Duty series. It hasn’t really got a name yet and is being called “the new Call of Duty engine”.
This is the tenth edition of the bestselling series of first person shooters that is being developed since 2003 by Activision, Inc. This title has been produced by Inifinity Ward, the creators of Call of Duty series and just like they intend, it marks the beginning of a New Era in history of this studio. Stephen Gaghan, screenwriter of movies such as Traffic, Syriana or Rules of Engagement is responsible for the main story. Action has been set in a nearby future. The catastrophy called “The Event” has caused the United States of America to lose it’s dominant position of world’s global superpower. A newly formed superpower – the South American Federation is trying to use this situation in their favor. In the main campaign, player will play as a member of elite military unit called Ghosts. Like any other special ops unit, “Ghosts” perform the most dangerous missions, often being deployed deep behind enemy lines. Many missions will be extremely hard and sometimes you could be stuck on one mission for a very long period of time, that’s why you should download the Call of Duty Ghosts Hack and use it whenever you feel like you need it. It can really make the game a lot more fun.
Call of Duty: Ghosts is an attempt to mix many different aspects of gameplay known from the previous CoD titles with brand new solutions. Surprisingly, even such a great game has it’s flaws that allowed us to make many Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Hack. Like everyone expected, the developers have maintained their idea of a single player campaign full of spectacular action scenes. One of the most interesting innovations is the presence of a well-trained dog in the team.

We will obviously also see an amazing multiplayer mode with brand new game modes such as Cranked, Search & Rescue and Squads where player will be creating a group of ten A.I. characters in many different match types, each one being unique to Squads. The perk system has been deeply reworked. So far we have learned about five different multiplayer maps – Chasm, Free Fall, Octance, Strikezone and Whiteout. We will also see a prestige system known from the previous titles. Our Call of Duty Ghosts Cheats will certainly help you to get the best out of it.

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